Taking Care of your Salt Lamp

Salt has hygroscopic properties, which means that it draws water from the surrounding atmosphere. Salt Crystal Lamps should therefore never be sprinkled with water or be placed outdoors where excessive moisture can occur. If you wish to use the lamp in damp areas such as the bathroom, it needs to be kept on at all times. Sometimes, in particularly moist or humid conditions, the lamp surface may appear to be slightly damp to touch. Turning it on will help dry the lamp very quickly.

It is recommended that you light your lamp every day for the best air purifying results or better still leave the lamp continuously. This will repel any excess moisture build up around the lamp. If you plan to not use the lamp for longer periods of time, just put a plastic bag over the lamp. This will help prevent water pooling at the base of the crystal.

Cleaning your Himalayan Salt Lamp: Wipe the lamp down with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Once cleaned you can dry the lamp by turning the lamp on or pattering it down with a dry towel.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. If you need to change the light bulb, always unplug the lamp before changing the globe to prevent electric shock.

Replacement Globes (screw-in bulbs):
For smaller sized salt lamps (2-8kg) we recommend using 7 watt globes
For medium sized salt lamps (6-20kg) we recommend using 15 watt globes
For large sized salt lamps (20kg+) we recommend using 25 watt globes
A Salt Lamp should be warm, not hot!

Salt Lamp - Rectangle

Salt Lamp - Rectangle

Shaped and carved in the design of a rectangle these lamps will help ionise the air, creating a beautiful and very peaceful environment for us to live in. Makes the perfect bedside lamp for any room.

All of our lamps range comes assembled with electrical kit & a light globe for your convenience.

Dimensions of the rectangle Salt Lamp:

  • Weight = 4-6kg
  • Height = 20-24cm


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