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Himalayan Salt Lamps are Nature's best ioniser. Himalayan Salt Lamps are very unique and omit negative ions into the air which neutralises the positive ions released from computers, televisions and other electrical items. Himalayan Salt Lamps offers a number of different shaped and sized lamps to suit any individual or home. 

To achieve the greatest results from your Himalayan Salt Lamp they are best kept on at all times. Himalayan Salt Lamps are very powerful, they draw in the excess moisture in the environment and by leaving the lamp on evaporates the moisture the salt absorbs with heat. Himalayan Salt Lamps are also thought to prevent allergies, colds and assist with breathing difficulties and asthma. A Himalayan Salt Lamp will brighten up any room or office.

Selenite Lamp - 27 to 30cm

Selenite Lamp - 27 to 30cm

Shaped into the form of a mountain or tower this translucent Selenite in these crystal lamps come from ancient sea beds in Morocco. Selenite produces 'Negative ions' for natural air purification.

They bring clarity of the mind whilst increasing insight and improving awareness. It creates a protective grid within the home from outside influences therefore, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.
Selenite crystal lamps elegantly offer another dimension to creating a peaceful and pure place.

All of our lamps range comes assembled with electrical kit & a LED light globe for your convenience.

Height - Approx. 27 to 30cm

Weight - Approx. 3.5kg


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