Himalayan Salt Slab Cooking

July 18, 2018

Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs offer an exciting and unique cooking and serving surface for all gourmet food enthusiasts.

Salt Slabs provide a complex and amazing salty flavour to enhance and delight our palette.

Meals prepared on a Himalayan Salt Slab will turn familiar foods into a new and interesting experience.

Many regard Himalayan Pink Salt as the “King of Salts.” It is unrefined, unprocessed and packed full of 84 trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. The minerals are responsible for the pink hue colours.

Benefits of cooking with Himalayan salt slabs include:

  • Naturally Flavours our food
  • Transfers nutritional minerals from the salt slab into our food for absorption
  • Versatile for cooking and/or serving food
  • Salt slabs can maintain their temperature for a longer period of time, whether serving hot or cold
  • They naturally have an anti-microbial surface

Since salt slabs are a natural organic product, they contain within their beauty imperfections and lines unique within each slab.

Want to try one?

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